Jax by Jax Spotlight: Dr. Tim Gilmore

at-unf_1        The first annual Jax by Jax Literary festival hits Jacksonville, Florida November 8th, 2014. In this post, one of the authors, Dr.Tim Gilmore, who will be featured at the festival. Dr. Tim Gilmore is not only helping to plan and advertise for the festival, he is also a well known Author in Northeast Florida. Dr. Tim Gilmore has dedicated his writing career to writing both fiction and non-fiction books about the paranormal activity that occurs in the south and how the hauntings affect the area psychologically. After Gilmore’s works started to gain momentum and he realized there was a true interest for the paranormal, he started the website www.jaxpsychogeo.com that includes over 200 stories about hauntings around the Jacksonville Area.  In one of his most famous works (cover pictured below), Stalking Ottis Towle: A Southern Gothic, The back cover reads, “Ottis Toole was either one of the worst serial killers in history or a dimwitted arsonist who never meant to kill anyone. Or someone somewhere between. It’s hard to tell if Ottis Toole himself knew which Ottis was Ottis” (Gilmore, 2013). This brief book description shows Gilmore’s style and what you can expect to read when you pick up one of his books.

      Dr. Tim Gilmore’s professional career does not end there either. Dr. Gilmore teaches literature and english at The Florida State College of Jacksonville, and has earned his Ph.D at The University of Florida. Dr. Gilmore has given his time to help launch the Jax by Jax Literary Festival, but will also be a featured author at the first annual event. Unknown

To learn more about Dr.Gilmore, visit one of the social media links below:

Dr. Tim Gilmore’s Facebook Page

Jax Psycho Geo Website 

Jax by Jax Website 

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